Table Show

At each meeting we have a mini show.  There are six classes, four of which change from month to month.  The other two are always cactus in flower and succulent in flower (any pot size).  The changing four are made up of the groups listed below, each group being further split into two classes - one for plants in pots up to and including 9cm (3.5") and one for those over 9cm (3.5").  

Anybody can bring plants to show but you are limited to a maximum of two plants per person per class.

For March 2019 to March 2020

March: Rhipsalis group and Adromischus subgroup

April: Strombocactus group and Adromischus subgroup

May: Mammillaria group and Echeveria subgroup

June: Opuntia group and Agave group

July: Rebutia group and Sedum subgroup

August: Gymnocalycium group and Sempervivum subgroup

September: Echinocereus group and Lithops subgroup

October: Cleistocactus subgroup and Haworthia group

November: Astrophytum group and Aloe group

December: Seasonal plants

January: Echinopsis group and Aeonium subgroup

February: Copiapoa group and Euphorbia group

March: Parodia group and Cheiridopsis subgroup

Macclesfield & East Cheshire Branch Meetings


Wilmslow Library
South Drive,

Please note that November's meeting has a different venue.


Second Monday of the month (unless this falls on Easter Monday).


7.30pm for 7.45pm

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